Couples Counselling Retreats : Why It Works?

Alive offers private couples retreats at our luxury health retreat in Bali with an outstanding couples relationship revival program  or a relaxation experience with holistic therapies for just the two of you.

Sometimes we hear the word 'couples counselling' and it fills us with nerves and apprehension. We understand that discussing your innermost thoughts and feelings about your private relationship issues  is new territory for some of us and makes others very uneasy. This is why we created a couples counselling retreat program that immediately makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. 


Think of this experience as your much deserved luxury getaway with the bonus of therapy and time to reassess your individual and couple goals. As you begin this personal journey in a safe and supportive environment you will by fully supported and guided by our professional, non judgmental therapists who help you rebuild your relationships and empower you to make all the necessary changes to help you sustain healthy, happy relationships.


How Do Our Couples Counselling Retreats Work?


  • We offer you a tailored retreat program that is specific to your needs as a couple and as individuals.
  • We provide you with a specialised team of holistic health professionals who work one on one with you to ensure that as an individual and as a couple you are progressing positively and moving forward.
  • You are surrounded by nature and luxury and all of your needs are met including gourmet catering, relaxing spa treatments and all of the space and serenity you require to enjoy your stay.
  • Solo time, couple therapy time, space, peace & privacy are factored into your program.
  • Our wellness team provides you with a 'buffer' between you and your partner if required so that you can each be heard and both of you have the space needed as an individual to reach your goals.


What Type Of Counselling & Therapies Do You Offer?


We offer holistic relationship counselling with professionally trained and experienced relationship counsellors. All of our qualified therapists have extensive life experience that allows them to fully understand your relationship issues as well as offer you an empathetic, light hearted, open minded and positive approach to healing your relationships.

Intensive Couples Program

Our intensive program is very holistic, comprehensive and provides you with outstanding results.


This program also offers you bonus holistic therapies such as Yoga Therapy (for daily relaxation, clarity & life tools),  kinesiology (for a deeper understanding of habits & patterns that relate to yourself and your partner), naturopathy (for an overall view of lifestyle habits and health) & deluxe spa treatments including massage (for relaxation) which allow you to relax and unwind. The combination of our therapies, our team members, your environment and the professional care and attention that you receive is why we experience a 100% success rate with this program.


Who Attends the Retreat?


Unlike other retreat programs, Alive Wellness Retreat Escapes cater to the individual. You and your partner enjoy your own luxury private apartment, villa or house (offsite) and your own private team of health and wellness professionals. There is nobody else attending your retreat; the program is catered only to you, the whole team is solely yours.

This individualised serviced and attention to the individual at our couples retreats is why our results are so outstanding. The program is personal and specific and allows you to be heard in privacy without any distractions from others.


Why Experience Counselling On Retreat Instead Of At Home?


The combination of our treatments and your disconnection from any associations with the modern world that you coexist in is imperative so that you can focus intently on yourself and your relationship. Our relationship retreat programs are intensive and our sole aim is to offer you immediate outstanding results that you can immediately integrate permanently into your life at home.

For example, when you undergo a counselling program at home you are still within the same constraints in your home environment that are aiding in your relationship issues. The same associations every day and the occasional counselling session inevitably for many couples results in slow or no progress.


Our relationship retreat allows you to remove your associations to each other & your relationship, to breath deeply, to have space and to become present in a new environment with a new perspective. All of a sudden you can become clear on what your individual and relationship desires are.


Why It Works?


The program is intensive in nature and designed to have you equipped with all necessary tools immediately to move forward in your relationship. This is why we find offering you a luxury service that allows you to enjoy a fantastic holiday with the bonus of some wonderful therapy is is why our relationship retreat program is so successful.


If you have any further couples counselling retreat questions you can contact your retreat coordinator for a private discussion on how our program can assist your relationship.






The Alive Wellness Programs are world class. We offer the ultimate treatment programs, specific individualised care, luxury surroundings and a life changing wellness experience. Our programs surpass all others in the industry offering you the highest level of care, professionalism, precise treatment and a revolutionised way of living your life for the better.

These programs offer you an outstanding level of luxury, peace and time to reconnect with you and what really matters to you as well as dramatically improving your overall health, reducing your stress and reconnecting with your own sense of self and purpose. Upon completing our luxury health retreat experience you feel invigorated and empowered to get back to living the life you want with a greater sense of clarity and ease.

'This is a life changing experience...'

We believe that this is something you should only ever experience once in your life. We believe that this should be the most unforgettable experience of your lifetime and so we have created the ultimate retreat experience.